How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast: Top Tips to Get Your Bowels Moving Again

how to get rid of constipation fast

We have all been constipated at some point.  Bowel habits can differ from person to person, but as you know your body you will be aware of whether you are not going to the toilet as regularly as you usually would. You will find that you have trouble emptying your bowels, which is often because stools are too hard or perhaps painful to pass. There are various causes of constipation, most of them easily solved with lifestyle changes. However, if you are looking for how to get rid of constipation fast, then  I may just have the answer. 

What you will read below are short-term remedies for constipation as the remedies work like laxatives.  The problem with laxatives, even if they are natural, is that our bodies begin to rely on them which can cause plenty of issues in the future. To limit adverse reactions to the remedies below, take care with use and be sure to read through instructions before you take them.

Epsom Salt for Constipation

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulphate, is a type of saline laxative. Saline laxatives work by drawing water into your intestinal lumen, the tube of your intestine, where it is then retained. The added water stimulates the bowels and softens stools, making them easier to pass. Epsom salt can take from 30 minutes to 6 hours to work. If you decide to go with Epsom salt it is essential that you read the instructions carefully.


  • Epsom salts should only be for short-term use
  • Epsom salt is known to react with certain medication so check before use
  • Do not take if you are pregnant

Always read the label carefully and consult a doctor if there is anything you are unsure about.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a type of vegetable oil produced from the seeds of the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis. Castor oil has been around for centuries and has been used for many different purposes, especially for medicinal use and as a home remedy for constipation by the Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and many others.

Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA) have considered castor oil as ‘generally recognized as safe and effective’ for the use of the oil as a stimulant laxative. A stimulant laxative works by stimulating the nerves in the large intestine, which in turn causes the muscles in the wall of the intestine to squeeze harder than it usually would; this extra pressure forces the faeces out by pushing it through.

People suffering from constipation are usually advised to take 15ml (a measuring cup is best for accuracy) of castor oil by mouth, on an empty stomach. When using castor oil as a method to relieve constipation, it is also best to drink plenty of water. Castor can take between 6 to 12 hours to work.


  • do not take if you are pregnant
  • do not use for longer than 7 days

Always read the label carefully and consult a doctor if there is anything you are unsure about.

Senna, an Ancient Natural Alternative

How to get rid of constipation fast? Try senna. Senna is part of a big group of flowering plants, native to the tropics, with over 200 species. Senna has been around for thousands of years and is widely known as an herbal alternative for various medical conditions including constipation.

Senna can be taken in liquid or tablet form, there are also teas which contain Senna that have also proven an effective laxative. Like castor oil, Senna is a stimulant laxative which means it stimulates the nerves in the large intestine, causing the muscle to squeeze harder than usual, pushing and helping the faeces through.


  • Not for prolonged use

Always read the label carefully and consult a doctor if there is anything you are unsure about.

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully, one of these remedies will get your bowels moving. However, it is important to acknowledge that these methods are great if you need quick or overnight relief but are a permanent solution. If you want a more permanent solution, try some of the methods in home remedies for constipation. 

What quick remedies for constipation work for you?